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Family & Friends Remember Jeremiah Ray Underwood


Denise Bell
Post Managing Editor

On Sunday evening October 30th the family and friends of Jeremiah Ray Underwood gathered near the basketball court at Pirrung Elementary School in Mesquite to remember a “Lil Man” that touched the heart of many who knew him.

Taken in a senseless car accident on U.S. Highway 80 on October 30, 2010, the friends of five year old, Jeremiah Ray Underwood gathered to honor his life and to continue comforting the family who will forever miss the joy that he brought into their lives.

Beginning the candle light vigil, a brief slide presentation of Jeremiah’s life was played before a solemn crowd that included many of Jeremiah’s team mates from the Mesquite Pee-Wee football league, the Panthers.

Family friend John Finney, lead the crowd in a heart felt prayer and was followed by Jeremiah’s aunt who thanked everyone for attending and for all their support over the past year.

Speaking meekly before the crowd, two of Jeremiah’s young friends next stepped forward to honor his memory, and minutes later all the balloons were silently released in into the cool night air in remembrance of Jeremiah Ray Underwood.